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AlphaOne 240 capsules, 2 months , Klamath lake blue green algae: Aphanizomenon floes-aquae superfood. Enhance your well-being with AlphaOne, SynerJ-Health's flagship product developed by biologist Jacques Prunier.

AlphaOne, Klamath Lake blue-green algae
From 38.86 € to 200.95 €


The most powerful natural stem-cell regenerator - heal yourself, naturally maintain a healthy body. SynerBoost is the next product of SynerJ-Health Jacques Prunier after SynerStem.

Boost stem-cell production: SynerBoost
226.54 € (75.51 € per month)

Postpone the onset of wrinkles, reduce or even eliminate them, this is now possible with SynerYOUNG's anti-ageing revolutionary formula. An exclusive formulation of natural and active ingredients to counter cellular ageing, developed by biologist Jacques Prunier founder of SynerJ-Health.

SynerYOUNG : anti-ageing revolution
60 capsules – 212.32 € (excluding VAT)
2 months supply (106.16 € per month)


Previous flagship product - enhances stem-cell production, repairs your body and keeps you healthy. Enhance your well-being SynerJ-Health's products developed by biologist Jacques Prunier.

SynerStem: the natural stem-cell booster before SynerBoost
60 capsules – 91.94 € (excluding VAT)




Totum: boost your energy levels and reduce fatigue, stimulate your immune and nervous systems and improve your mood thanks to SynerJ-Health exclusive formula.Totum: a simple, easy and economical food supplement program: overflowing energy, reduced fatigue, healthy immune and nervous systems and psychological process regulation.
95.74 € (1 month supply)


Heal your intestinal lining thanks to SynerSTIN, enhance nutrient absorption and block out toxins and germs thanks to this special formula developed by biologist Jacques Prunier founder of SynerJ-Health.SynerSTIN: healing and regeneration of the intestinal lining
180 capsules – 62,56 Euros (excluding VAT)
3 months supply


SynerSTIN: healthy intestinal flora is essential to good physical and psychological health. This unique formula developed by biologist Jacques Prunier founder of SynerJ-Health helps you to maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota.SynerLife, probiotics et prebiotics for heathy gut flora
90 capsules – 58.77 € (excluding VAT)
9 months supply (6.53 € per month)



Remineralization (84 minerals from sea water), intense cell nutrition (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae contains 115 micronutiments) and powerful anti-aging (Asc2P) : the right balance for your vitality with SynerTONUS from SynerJ-Health laboratories !SynerTONUS: 84 marine minerals, 115 AFA micronutrients and powerful anti-ageing properties. This unique formula revitalises and energises your body!
180 capsules – 58,77 € (excluding VAT)
3 months supply (19.59 € per month)


Revive the passion in your couple with SynerGold Woman & SynerGold Man natural food supplements from SynerJ-Health.SynerGold Woman & SynerGold Man : give your love-life a kick, take back control of your body!
180 capsules – 58,77 € (excluding VAT)
3 months supply (19.59 € per month)


Manufactured in France using a patented process, SERUM by SynerJ-Health gives the skin exceptional complexion, hydration and above all a smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. A brightening and rejuvenating effect is often observed. Many skin imperfections regress.Serum: anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, rehydrating thanks to Oxygen/Ozone skin therapy
63.33 €


Bone is a living tissue, which needs nutrition just like other tissues in our body. It is therefore wise to pay particular attention to our bones and joints, which are constantly used. SynerJ-Health's SynerVitD3 gives you the Vitamin-D3 needed to maintain functional bones and jointsSynerVit D3: reinforce your bones and joints
90 capsules – 36.02 € (excluding VAT)
3 months supply (12.01 € per month)


SynerChrom naturally regulates your blood-sugar, calming you desire for sugar and controlling your appetite thus helping you to stay slim and healthy.SynerChrom: control your blood-sugar
90 capsules – 25.59 € (excluding VAT)
3 months supply (8.53 € per month)


SynerDiet naturally regulates your metabolism and allows your body to burn fat thanks to its natural plant-based formula developed by biologist Jacques Prunier, founder of SynerJ-Health.

SynerDietnaturally burn your body-fat
60 capsules – 91.94 €(excluding VAT) OR 180 capsules (3 bottles) – 226.54 € (excluding VAT)
1 month supply: 91.94 €   OR  3 months supply: 75.51 € per month