AlphaOne – The Blue-Green Algae from Klamath Lake

Klamath Lake in Oregon is an exceptional location where grows a unique blue-green algae with exceptional health and nutritional properties

Natural & Complete Nutrition

With unique nutritional properties, AFA (Aphanizomenon flos aquae, also known as the blue-green algae from Lake Klamath) is composed of 115 nutrients. Its use is ancient and it has been a dietary supplement for over 20 years. It’s one of the main ingredients of SynerJ-Health’s line of food supplements thanks to the groundbreaking research of biologist Jacques Prunier. 

It has many scientifically proven benefits:

  • it reduces stress, depression & anxiety contributing to better mental health
  • it maintains healthy joints and reduces arthritis thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • it boosts the immune system and reduces swellingAphanizomenon floes-aquae naturally growing in Klamath Lake. AlphaOne natural source. Enhance your health and well-being.
  • it enhances the treatment of hypoglycaemia and diabetes and reduces cholesterol 
  • it protects the circulatory system
  • thanks to its phytonutrients it boosts cell regeneration, enhances mental abilities such as concentration and memory, and gives you more stamina
  • it maintains health and energy
  • it has proven deep cleansing and detoxifying properties: it efficiently removes heavy and radioactive metals, pesticides and chemical fertilisers which are particularly toxic and dangerous
  • it eliminates pesticides from the intestines thanks to a polysaccharide (which is a carbohydrate) found in the algae’s cell walls
  • it has 10 times the detoxification potential of Chlorella  in the intestines, and unlike Chlorella which is only active in the intestines, it detoxifies biological tissues and organs including the brain
  • it reduces hay-fever and allergies as well as auto-immune inflammation
  • very low in calories, it can be part of any diet
  • Anyone can take it (children, teenagers, adults, athletes and patients…)


AlphaOne 500 g, Klamath lake blue green algae: Aphanizomenon floes-aquae superfood. Enhance your health and well-being.

Bulk (powder) – 201.99 Euros (excluding VAT)
 (monthly cost = 12.62 Euros)
500 grams – approx. 16 months supply

Recommended use: 1 teaspoon (1 gram) mixed with water

AlphaOne 60 g, Klamath lake blue green algae: Aphanizomenon floes-aquae superfood. Enhance your health and well-being.

Bulk (powder) – 39.05 Euros (excluding VAT)
(monthly cost = 19.52 €)
60 grams – approx. 2 months supply

Please note: the powder may taste strange to some people. If that might be the case for you, I recommend ordering the capsules at first… 

AlphaOne 120-240 capsules,1-2 months , Klamath lake blue green algae: Aphanizomenon floes-aquae superfood. Enhance your health and well-being.

240 capsules – 54.98 Euros (excluding VAT)
2 months supply

(monthly cost = 27.49 Euros)


120 capsules – 39.05 Euros (excluding VAT)
1 month supply

AlphaOne 360 capsules, 3 months , Klamath lake blue green algae: Aphanizomenon floes-aquae superfood. Enhance your health and well-being.

360 capsules – 79.05 Euros (excluding VAT)
3 months supply
(monthly cost = 26.22 Euros)

Recommended use: 4 capsules a day 


For any order, shipping fees, VAT and/or Custom Duty may apply.

If you are thinking of buying in shops: it’s a bad idea!

If you purchase “Klamath” labelled products through OTHER MEANS THAN an Authorised SynerJ-Health Advisor, you may have NO GUARANTEES of:

  • buying and consuming 100% pure AFA without additional by-products. After all, Klamath is simply the name of a lake where many species of algae grow…
  • buying and consuming a product responsibly harvested by the SynerJ-Health laboratory in an environmentally friendly way which respects the delicate AFA algae. When purchasing “Klamath” labelled products, it is highly likely that these have been harvested through turbines, which increases yield, but partly destroys AFA resulting in decreased qualityDelicate AFA harvest - AlphaOne's superior quality preserved by careful harvest procedures to guarantee exceptional health and well-being properties
  • buying and consuming a product whose beneficial properties have bien optimally preserved by the patented Bio-Active Dehydration process invented by SynerJ-Health, which guarantees AFA products of the highest quality ; in fact, the process of transforming AFA into pills leads to important alterations and therefore quality loss, this is why SynerJ-Health chose to only make its products available in powder and capsules

Demand the best

If you demand the best (which you should) and expect maximum results for your money, then choose SynerJ-Health’s AFA the only European Union certified AFA product (AlphaOne: NUT/PL/AS Nr. PL 2269/1).

Because it is dried at temperatures below 40°C, it qualifies as “raw food“. Our supplier is a certified company that operates to high quality standards. All production steps are monitored and evaluated at all times by experienced staff, who adhere to strict hygiene guidelines (HACCP).

Inspectors from certification organisations visit the production facilities, every 90 days on average, in order to carry out the relevant inspections (in particular, the GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice standards compliance). This means that ingredients are carefully tested without contaminants and 100% pure; independent quality tests are performed in addition to existing internal tests, to ensure that users receive the highest quality Aphanizomenon possible.

Don’t miss out! Enjoy this cocktail of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and rare ingredients that help to keep you fit and healthy in our modern world.
This exceptional blend of vitamins, minerals & essential nutrients provides the perfect nutrition for your body. For best results, we also recommend combining AlphaOne to SynerBoost, which has been scientifically proven to boost your stem cell production allowing your body to naturally repair itself.